MelaLuna Sleep Aid : A Safe & Effective Way To Fall Asleep

MelaLuna is a non-habit-forming formula which helps to regulate the user’s sleep cycle. If one wakes up once or twice during sleep and falls asleep again, it isn’t an issue. However, if one spends the whole night turning and tossing or waking up in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep at all, they are called light sleepers.

It is not uncommon, and more than 40 million Americans have been suffering from some type of insomnia.

Why Is Sleep Important?

There are many benefits of getting healthy sleep. Good sleep is linked to better cognition, better heart health and lower rates of inflammation. On the other hand, poor sleep is linked to lack of energy, increased risk of dementia, memory loss, depression, and anxiety. Poor sleep is a tell-tale sign of declining mental health.

How Much Sleep Is Required?

Most of the scientific studies have come to a conclusion that an adult requires around seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep to be able to function properly.

What To Do For Deeper Sleep?

The simple idea is that people who sleep better tend to be healthier and live longer. Hence, pills like MelaLuna Sleep Aid have been developed to support healthy sleep. This supplement has been designed using calming herbs like chamomile, passion flower, varelian, and melatonin. All these are natural sleep enhancers.

Passion flower and Chamomile have been clinically proven to induce sleep, reduce anxiety and waking in the night. Since times unknown, people have been consuming chamomile tea and passion flower tea to fall asleep faster.

Some Important Information

The makers realize that powders are often not very palatable and are cumbersome to take, hence this supplement comes in the form of pills. Moreover, one can discontinue using these pills once their sleep cycle gets regulated.

Some people may not want to disclose that they are facing trouble falling asleep. Such people and others can avail these pills online. One can easily order them from the official website and start using them.

What Do The Testimonials Say?

Some testimonials available on the official website of the product state that

  1. Many sleep therapists have been recommending this product.
  2. A lot of people experienced eight hours of uninterrupted sleep with regular consumption of this product.
  3. These pills don’t cause headaches and jitters, which is a common side effect of sleeping pills.

The Bottom Line

Insomnia is a medical condition and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. And it appears this supplement may just work to curb signs which have been hampering sleep.

Some Other Tips Which May Help

  1. Keep a tab on the alcohol and caffeine consumption.
  2. Try to maintain a regular sleep schedule.
  3. Switch off all electronics an hour before going to sleep.